DYING FETUS – “Unleashed Upon Mankind” taken from the EP ‘History Repeats’
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A god before god
Summon the demons to enter your body
Ceremonies to attain the blessing
A faith in secrecy
No respect for the weak
The victim of hypocrisy
The philosophy chosen to live by
Has brought you your mortality
A reason to die
No remission of sins commited
When you were fighting the lie
Actions begged to be killed
A sacrifice chosen
Laughter at the sight of blood
That has spilled
Respond to the inclination within
A desire fulfilled
Pride, for the slaughter is done
While being thrilled
Praise who guards your soul
And for whom you have killed
Fools are the followers of masters they deify
Conversion does not save you from death, die
Twisted truth
Twisted truth
A juvenile mind misleadYou watch in terror, in fear of your life
Their execration revealed, only your death will suffice
You cannot conceal, this reality from your mind
As unknown powers, are unleashed upon mankind
Unleashed upon mankind
Running – in search of safety
No escape – from deadly wrath
Screaming – you beg for mercy
Silenced – by the searing blast
You are forced to believe, this is for real
Mind frozen with horror, as your body trembles in fear
No prayers for deliverance, your gods you now forsake
Summon courage from within, face your unperceived fate
Unleashed upon mankind
Awaiting – with expectation
Impending – life’s annihilation
Mass genocide – the resolution
Now verified – out termination
Now the stench of death, abides throughout the world
As infesting plagues, cause agonies untold
Unleashed upon mankind
You are the final victim, no one else has survived
Alone you now suffer, eagerly waiting to die
The ending draws nearer, our extinction is justly deserved
Through thoughtless intentions, this holocaust incurred
The closing chapter finished, now face the torment and pain
Through death it becomes clearer, mankind alone is to blame
Unleashed upon mankind
In the name of your lord you lived
Serving, your death
A life full of sin, good is evil
Believing the unholy words you read
Commandmends are there to break them
Live by your own rules instead
Proclaim the salvation you met


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