Order “Grim” here: https://smarturl.it/DarkSarah-Grim

Heidi Parviainen states:
“”All Ears!” is a call to unite all the people who think there is a certain power behind tales, monsters and magic! Join the coven!

The narrative of “All Ears!” follows the storyline of the Grim album. A powerful spell on the citizens of Grim empowers the protagonist Luna to fight against the evil monster Mörk who is terrorizing the city. The listener can also get a first glimpse of our new guest Jasse Jatala as Mörk. The whole Grim story will be released as a book at the same time as our album, so that our fans can get even more immersed in the story.”

Male Voice: Jasse Jatala
Director: Markus Nieminen
Director of photography: Tero Molin
Production company: Legenda Film & Tv


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