Unleash the ultimate metal mayhem on this electrifying episode of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW! Join hosts Neeley and Chris as they recount Chris’ epic journey to Detroit, witnessing the legendary Metallica, Pantera, and the sensational Mammoth WVH live in action! Brace yourself for Neeley’s wild weekend escapades with Dokken – it’s a rock ‘n’ roll rollercoaster you won’t want to miss! Get ready for jaw-dropping stories, backstage secrets, and a heavy dose of pure metal nostalgia! Hit play now and crank up the volume – your metal adventure starts here!  #Metallica #Pantera #MammothWVH #Dokken #ClassicMetal #RockNRollLegends

**NOTE: Everything said here, and on every episode of all of our shows are 100% the opinions of the hosts. Nothing is stated as fact. Do your own research to see if their opinions are true or not.**


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