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CAP | Slipknot’s Fate: Is It Over? Corey Taylor’s Solo Band?

Uncover the shocking truth on CHRIS AKIN PRESENTS as Chris and Erik delve into the dismissal of Jay Weinberg from Slipknot. Speculations rise: Is Slipknot over? Will it merge with Stone Sour into Corey Taylor’s solo band? Brace yourself for a gripping discussion! Plus, don’t miss the insights on the recent Static-X run with “Xero” as the lead singer. Hit play now to stay in the loop on the latest rock revelations! #Slipknot #CoreyTaylor #StoneSour #StaticX #MusicTalk #CHRISAKINPRESENTS

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December 28, 2022

CAP | Chris Said WHAT On His Cameo?

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