October 27, 2023

CAP | “Dieth’s Grammy Nominations vs. Megadeth’s Win”

Get ready for an electrifying episode of CHRIS AKIN PRESENTS! Join Chris and Erik as they sit down with Grammy-nominated vocalist/bassist David Ellefson of Dieth. Discover the excitement behind Dieth’s two Grammy nominations and explore whether they mean more than David’s original Grammy with Megadeth. Dive deep into the earliest touring days of Megadeth and the musical evolution from “KILLING IS MY BUSINESS” to “PEACE SELLS… BUT WHO’S BUYING.” Plus, don’t miss out on the buzz about Ellefson Coffee Company, a featured organization at the upcoming NAMM convention. Subscribe now for incredible insights and captivating conversations! #DavidEllefson #Dieth #GrammyNominations #Megadeth #MusicalEvolution #NAMMConvention

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