1. Black Magic
2. We eat your Children
3. Dance With The Devil

Guests: Courtney Cox (THE IRON MAIDENS), Larissa Ernst (PATER ILTIS, EX GONOREAS) and Noelle Dos Anjos (NUNGARA, ALKOHOLIKA)

Burning Witches live recorded & mixed at Little Creek Studios Switzerland by V.O. Pulver
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The new Burning Witches album ‘Dance With The Devil’ is out now on Nuclear Blast!

Nuclear Blast: https://nblast.de/BWDanceWithTheDevil
iTunes: https://nblast.de/BWDanceWithTheDevilIT
Apple Music: https://nblast.de/BWDanceWithTheDevilAM
Amazon: https://nblast.de/BWDanceWithTheDevilAMZ
Google Play: https://nblast.de/BWDanceWithTheDevilGP

Cut & Postproduction:
Ingo Spörl / Hard-Media.com

Lala is Endorsed by Istanbul Cymbals & Kirn Drums!
Romana is endorsed by Jackson Guitars!

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