BRI­AN POSEHN -​ “More Metal Than You” official music video tak­en from the al­bum ‘Fart and Wiener Jokes’
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Animated video by Brian Musikoff (Manual Comics) and John Kuramoto (Phoobis).

*Features Brian Posehn on vocals with a host of musical guests including Scott Ian (ANTHRAX), Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT, FATES WARNING), John Tempesta (TESTAMENT, ROB ZOMBIE), Mark Osegueda (DEATH ANGEL), Brett Anderson (THE DONNAS), Brendon Small (DETHKLOK), and Mark Morton (LAMB OF GOD)

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I found heavy metal when i was just a kid
it grabbed by the nards like no other music did
i became obsessed with it i had to have it faster
more heavy and more brutal
metal was my master

one day I met this dirt bag
loser from the city
started talking metal said my taste was shitty
then he tried to challenge me because I didn’t look it
want to know who’s really metal?
fucking see you in the pit

you claimin im not metal?
what’s this shit your talkin
you say that im not hard enough and i should stick to Dokken
metal’s a competition im not hardcore like you
well may you think your metal, im more metal than you

played d&d with dio
im more metal than you
got kicked out of rocking rio
im more metal than you
i licked lemmy’s mole
im more metal than you
my cat’s name is manowar
im more metal than you


metal is inside me i guess it always will be
liked it since im 10 and now im fucking 40
yeah im still obsessed it, i always want it faster, more evil and more fucked up
will always be master


One day I met this dickhead said that im a poser because i look like a creepy daddy
And there’s something in my noser???
he said i wasnt metal guess i could debate it
but we should turn our anger on the assholes that hate it

your telling me your metal but not compared to me
Im slayer and youre PPPP or seven mary three
metals not a competition guess it is for you
you may think your metal but im more metal than you

bruce dickinson is my co-pilot
im more metal than you
liked anvil before the movie
im more metal than you
king diamond sent me a christmas card
im more metal than you
i headbutt sharon osbourne
im more metal than you

more metal than you x3

one of the things i love about being a metal head is when you meet another metal fan
its like meeting a brother or sister you didnt know
but every once in awhile you meet an asshole that challenges you
it becomes whos more metal dude im a grown man

you know what, i could tell you how metal i am but i’d rather have my friends sing it
Mark, tell them how metal i am

he’s so fucking metal (Mark O)

thats right im super fucking metal

super fucking metal (Mark O)


you say that im not metal you dont fucking know me
im slayer, venom, mayhem
you’re white lion blowin Jovi
if metal is a competition, game over you’re through
you thought that you were metal, im more metal than you

i burned a church in norway
im more metal than you
i can name four guys in krokus
im more metal than you
gene simmons was my moyal
im more metal than you


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