From Anneke’s forthcoming album “The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest”.
Pre-order the album now at – out February 26, 2021.

Music and words by Anneke van Giersbergen
Directed by David Hazeleger

There’s a distinct echo of a love song from the ‘70s about Agape’s meditative guitar arrangement. The lush sound of a string quartet adds a dreamy quality to the song. Agape refers to the highest form of unconditional love, the type of love we all yearn for.

Lyrics: Agape

And if I sit beside you and if I wait
And if I wander off into this state
Would I be fine and could I call you mine
And have you near for a thousand years

If I wake up beside you and touch your smile
The world would disappear for a while
We’d hide in space or any other place
Immortal souls will always find their way

The darkest skies are the brightest
In the shadows of our eyes there’s a star
The darkest skies are the brightest
In every chance we long to take
Lies a radiant golden shimmering luminous star

And if I sit beside you and if I say
We will move heaven and earth to find a way
Would you pull me under
Have me wonder
Why in the world are we so many cities apart
And why in the world is it so diabolically hard

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