“Looking Tragic” comes from AFI’s new album, Bodies, out June 11. Available for preorder everywhere now: https://riserecords.lnk.to/afi

Directed by Adam Mason, produced by Elizabeth Mason


Wait a minute. This may be boring. Is it less than a total mess? In a minute this may turn sour if we last. Wait a minute. You may be boring icy holes in my snowy head, ever dry and yet warmly melting in cold beds. Everyone’s looking tragic, looking for the new panic, looking for a new panic in anyone. He spun light into black skyscrapers. She hid weapons beneath her dress. Wait a minute. I may be boring you to death. What a total mess. I’ll take her. What a total mess. I’ll take him. What a total mess. I’ll take her. What a total mess. I’ll take them. Everyone’s looking panicked, looking for something tragic, looking for a new panic in anyone.

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