Want to get your tiny metal hands on some sick, ÆTHER REALM merch! Check out the contest below, and join the TMHC for a chance to win


Hey yall! We’ve got so much merch floating around, we just can’t seem to get rid of it. So we’re going to give it away!

From now until with pick the winners on July 2nd, you can enter the contest by making a ~10 second video of your attempt at the tiniest metal hand you can make. Think m/, but instead more like /m. Have our song TMHC playing in the background of your video.

Post your video on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (for a maximum of 3 entries per person). Caption it “Listen to TMHC by Aether Realm! #TinyMetalHandCrew” If your Twitter/Instagram account is public, that’s it, you’re entered! If not (and you can’t make it public for any reason), just screenshot your post and send it to us in a message, and we’ll enter you that way.

On Facebook, after posting your vid to your timeline, come post a copy of it in the comments here, and you’re all set.

We’ll be placing all entries in a numbered spreadsheet and using a random number generator to select 3 winners. Here’s what you can win:

-Signed gold RVFH vinyl record
-Signed RVFH CD
-Signed Tarot CD
-Aether Realm rune socks
-2 embroidered patches
-Acrylic RVFH ruler
-Acrylic logo keychain

-Signed black RVFH vinyl record
-Signed RVFH CD
-Aether Realm rune socks
-Embroidered patch
-Acrylic logo keychain

-Signed RVFH CD
-Aether Realm rune socks
-Acrylic logo keychain

If you’ve got friends that don’t listen to us, wrangle them into making their own vid and then steal their merch if they win!

Thanks for listening, and good luck.



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