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I want to be clear about this! I (meaning Chris, as I don’t speak for Neeley or any member of the other shows) am doing my best to provide all of you a place for social media outlets. While I bust everyone’s balls on the show, the reality is that I like the commenting, the lines you feed for the show, the submissions for the show, etc.

This said, I do NOT want to be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram anymore. If you heard this week’s show, you know that I find these companies to be treasonous pieces of shit. If you’ve listened for a long time, you know this is not a new thought. But what can we do?

Well, we can give you valid other choices. My personal favorite choice for us and the CMS Podcast Network is Minds. It’s simple. It works. It has an app. It allows videos. It allows comments. It checks all the boxes. Next up is Gab, which even though they are going through some growing pains, have their head on straight when it comes to censorship and trying to grow (regardless of what the cocksucker media tells you – there’s far more hate on Twitter than on Gab… this I know for sure). Finally, my least favorite as it feels the most commercial is Parler. They will return shortly, and their legal battle may be the most important of our lifetime when it comes to not only censorship, but if businesses can act as a government and control/enslave you. To me, even though I’m not a fan, it’s important to support them.

New to the list is Telegram. It’s different, but it seems pretty damn cool and interactive and fun. In short, it seems like a neverending CMS Chat. Most importantly, their CEO just came out today railing AGAINST censorship, which I’m all for… so I’ve set up a page to give it a go.

Here’s our reality as a show. We’ve closed our Instagram account. We no longer will interact on Facebook or Twitter… at all. I will not answer any questions/messages sent via Facebook or Twitter anymore. I will not take any show suggestions from those sites. To me, they are dead and don’t exist. They will ONLY send you daily spam reminders of where you can hear the show, see the show, buy our shit or where to actually interact with the show. That’s it!

I’ve set up social media outlets for you to interact and keep up with THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW. You can use them all, but don’t feel like it’s TOO MUCH. Just pick one. Much like you’ve chosen Facebook or Twitter in the past, now you can choose something else… or don’t. We want you fans to interact and be part of the experience, but we are going to do things our way to make it the best possible. Facebook and Twitter will, at best, allow us to give you a censored experience. Is that REALLY what you want, simply because you are too confused, scared or just plain lazy to add an app to your phone?

If nothing else, there’s always THECLASSICMETALSHOW.COM to keep up with us and all we are doing!

Rock on!!



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